Choosing the Right Face Mask

Who needs an excuse for some quality relaxing time? Why not treat yourself to a pamper session and create your very own spa experience at home or even with your friends. Dim the lights, run the bath and light those scented candles! Get ready to indulge in a facial mask.

Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Face Masks

Why use a facial mask?

Facial masks are the perfect way to help address your skin concerns and ideally should feature in your weekly skin care routine. The right product can dramatically hydrate your skin, unclog pores, remove excess oils and impurities and even help improve the appearance of fine lines and leave your skin visibly plumped and radiant. All our masks combine our signature ingredients Purified Bee Venom and Manuka Honey with fruit extracts and powerful botanicals so skin is left glowing and in optimum health.

Top tips for using a facial mask

  • If you are trying a Manuka Doctor facial mask for the first time we always suggest you do a patch test first on your inside wrist or behind your ear.
  • Apply your facial mask to clean and prepared skin. A warm shower or bath is a good way to open up skin pores in advance. A scrub is also a good way to prepare your skin by removing dead skin cells and letting the goodness sink right in. Remember a facial scrub product is not required before using a skin peel.
  • Avoid applying the products near the delicate eye area. Why not pop on two slices of cooling cucumber if you have the time to lie down and relax?
  • Multi masking – there’s no reason why you can’t combine several different masks at once to target specific facial zones. It’s all the buzz at the moment.
  • Your neck and décolletage is just as important as your face, so don’t neglect them when applying a face mask. These areas can give away tell-tale lines and sluggish skin, no thanks!

Choosing the right Manuka Doctor Face Mask for your needs

The anti-ager for tackling visible fine lines and wrinkles. The ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask is dubbed by beauty media as "nature’s face lift in a jar". This intensely nourishing and rejuvenating mask visibly lifts and fights wrinkles. This barely visible mask is quickly absorbed and disappears into your skin instead of sitting on the surface. It is particularly suited for hydrating sun damaged & seasonal dry skin by nurturing natural cell regeneration and visibly plumping the skin's appearance with added Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.

Manuka Doctor Rapid Lift Face Mask

The fast-acting face mask for plump, firm skin. If you are preparing for a special occasion or just feel that you need that extra boost, try our ApiRefine Rapid Lift Mask which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within only 10 minutes of application. Its unique formulation includes Shea Butter renowned for its skin soothing and replenishing properties and Vitamin E for skin moisturisation. It will smooth and even skin tone and also reduce the appearance of pores. Your skin will appear plumped, firmer and lifted and ready to look its very best!

The anti-blemish face mask for that deep cleanse. If you suffer with frequent blemishes and breakouts you may opt to try our ApiClear Purifying Face Mask. This deep cleansing mask withdraws daily impurities and with the properties of the added Purified Bee Venom helps fight blemishes. Added with Aloe Vera Juice this natural ingredient helps to reduce redness and incorporates natural cleansers Witch Hazel and Kaolin Clay.

The must-have face peel for tackling blemishes and blackheads. If you like to use a skin peel the ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel could be for you. This skin clearing mask works well on blemishes & blackheads, lifts dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal & purifies pores. Skin is left plumped & silky soft and protected by added Silk and Grapeseed extracts.

More tips for using a face mask

  • Read the instructions included with your mask first, but generally it’s fine to use a mask once or twice a week. If your skin is on the oily side in the summer, or very dry in the winter, it’s a good idea to use a suitable mask more frequently.
  • Remove your facial mask with a damp cloth or cotton wool pad, always use upwards sweeping movements.
  • Complete your skin care regime by using a facial oil, serum and moisturiser if required.

Pamper yourself... you deserve it!

Why not go the whole way and go mask crazy and apply the nourishing ApiRevive Restorative Hair Mask. This rich and creamy conditioning treatment replenishes lost moisture for a natural looking shine. Last but not least, pamper your tootsies with our ApiNourish Foot and Heel Cream, a refreshing cream with avocado oil & shea butter for dry and tired feet.

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